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ES – Enhanced Traction

Enhanced Traction Surface technology enhances dynamic friction between the ball and the rubber to allow players to deliver controlled hits and spins.

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US – Ultra Traction

The tacky Ultra-Traction Surface allows you to play an extremely precise game. The sticky topsheet allows you to passively slow down the ball or use a strong stroke to create extreme spin.

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AS – Advanced Traction

The high-friction Advanced Traction Surface wraps and propels the ball from the rubber to generate increased spin and to provide more control.

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HS – Hyper Traction Surface.

Asian style topsheet.

Envision. Execute. Our extremely tacky Hyper Traction Surface provides spin and precision like you’ve never experienced before. Realize your intentions in every shot you take.

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Balance Sponge

The JOOLA Balance is a fine-pored sponge that offers great control value and produces shots with a flatter arch.

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Momentum Sponge

The JOOLA Momentum is a medium-pored sponge that utilizes elastic potential energy to offer direct power and high-piercing force for longer trajectory shots.

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Hyper Bounce Sponge

The vibrant purple of the Hyper Bounce Sponge symbolizes the intensity this sponge brings to your game. This ground-breaking sponge has been engineered to possess massive amounts of potential energy, which is released upon ball contact to create explosive power for each and every attack.

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Tensity Sponge

The JOOLA Tensity is a large-pored sponge that utilizes its air pockets like a spring to harness and reflect elastic potential energy back into the ball to create a high catapult effect.

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ARC Advanced Rubber Construction Concept

Due to the smaller layer thickness of the upper rubber, the Rhyzer series was able to be fitted with a thicker sponge underlay. This advanced geometry concept gives the JOOLA Rhyzer an extra dynamical upgrade.


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TENSOR Technology

A special substance is incorporated between the molecules of the caoutchouc which provides a permanent inner tension in the sponge and upper rubber. This gives the rubber more elasticity, more spin, mores speed and more feeling. This is the reason for the incomparable play and the distinctive sound of Tensor.